Permitting Systems Analyst Posted Sep 12
City of Doral , Doral, FL
SALARY: $42,543.70 - $63,815.55 Annually
OPENING DATE: 09/12/18
CLOSING DATE: 09/26/18 04:30 PM

This is advanced technical work in management, coordination, implementation, analysis, design, maintenance and upgrades of all user-end side of application systems software used in the City's permitting software, hand-held computers inspection software, Interactive Voice Response System , queuing management software , Automatic Call Distribution software, internet permitting software and any other future information technology initiatives undertaken by the department. The Permitting Systems Analyst will provide leadership in the design, development, and implementation of new systems and the modification of existing systems in a variety of subject matter fields; contributing to the automation of department functions.

Supervision is received from the IT Director, as required, and may receive assignments from the other City departments involved in development of permitting & inspections.

This position is classified as a non-exempt, full-time position with a 37.5 hour work-week.


Essential Functions:

Responsibilities include: defining objectives, identification of problems and defining their solutions, research for available technologies in the IT industry, fact-finding, presentation of findings, recommendations and specifications in written and/or verbal presentations, and management of project and coordination of specifications, implementation strategies and timelines with all the departments that utilize the permitting system.

Participates in fact-finding interviews and attends conferences, seminars and expositions to gather information.

Applies current state-of-the-art technology to effect solution of problems.

Arrives at design objectives and requirements.

Organizes, performs and/or directs feasibility studies, systems analysis, systems design, cost-benefit analysis, schedules, resources and costs; makes formal written and/or verbal presentations of findings, recommendations and specifications.

Responsible for user-side system implementation, maintenance, project management, coordination with all departments that utilize the permitting system, evaluation of systems including the monitoring of programming, testing, user training, and project sign-offs for adherence to the standards, requirements and specifications.

Maintains, upgrades and troubleshoots the user-side of the existing application systems software including developing new compositions, tables, scripts, and implementing modules of the existing software available but not implemented and future modules of the existing software as they become available.

Additional Duties:
Performs other related work as required.


Associate's Degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Public/Business Administration or closely related field.

Experience in systems analysis and computer programming, data gathering techniques, written and verbal communications, and management information systems

Knowledge and experience in governmental applications is desirable

Must be thoroughly familiar with problem analysis and capable of presenting complete reports of findings, recommendations, plans and specifications

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Considerable knowledge of state-of-the-art computer software and hardware

Comprehensive knowledge and practical experience with software development, methodologies and techniques, including programming languages and software packages

Knowledge of application software development, methodologies and techniques, including programming languages and software packages

Ability to comprehend, analyze, and interpret functional organizational and procedural problems, and to make alterations in existing systems

Ability to develop flow charts and diagrams, devise work flow sequences, and prepare complex cost analyses and reports

Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with departmental and other City employees

Must be a non-smoker.

The minimum requirements may be waived by the City Manager.

Physical Requirements:
Must have the use of sensory skills in order to effectively communicate and interact with other employees and the public through the use of the telephone and personal contact.
Physical capability to effectively use and operate various items of office related equipment, such as, but not limited to, word processor, calculator, copier, and fax machine.
No significant standing, walking, moving, climbing, carrying, bending, and kneeling.
Some crawling, reaching, handling, sitting, standing, pushing, and pulling.

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